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Gay kiss

exterface gay kiss
exterface gay kiss
We would like to address you two things in this post. First, today we visited Exterface again after we fell in love the Exterface’s work for Mouton Collet .
Actually there are many lovely photo series especially these sensual pictures of men kissing each other here. Anyway, you can visit Exterface, see by yourself, and you will love Exterface !
exterface gay kiss
exterface gay kiss
exterface gay kiss
exterface gay kiss
Second, we had neglected one of our categories, which is ‘How to’. Indeed, today we would like to fill in with some tips you may be interested …..guess what ?…..TAAAADAAA…..How to kiss and be a great kisser!!!!!
Well, kissing is very important for a relationship, but somehow, many people don’t know how to kiss…So ?!?!
Firstly, moisten your lips before you kiss is a good idea, because no one really likes to kiss sandpaper lips.; however, avoid the wet doglips.
Keep Relaxed and don’t stiffen are not going to kiss Brad Pitt.!!!
gay kiss
You should either be standing or sitting close to your partner. You can also start to touch his body because great kissing involves more than just the skillful use of your mouth and lips. What you do with your hands plays an important part too….and….Don’t forget to “close your eyes”.
Start by opening your mouth slightly and placing your lips over your partner’s lips, then go on to moving your lips in a slow, circular motion. Your hands should keep touching all parts of his upper body too, but be gentle when you touch him. Then start to unbutton (in case of shirt) from one to another, gently, then stop at half of them and use your hands touching his chest and down to his lower body. Don’t be in a hurry…Take your time and tell yourself, this is endless kissing.
Start to unbutton his pants from one to another with one of your hand…..(but your mouth and lips are still working with his lips)…. Learn how to unbutton without seeing
gay kiss gay kiss
gay kiss gay kiss
Unbutton the other half of his shirt. Meanwhile, you can change your position by kissing down from his mouth to his pants before you take his pants off.!!! ….Now he must be undressed….the rest is up to you!!!.

Sportnahrung : fitness website from Austria

Sportnahrung is an Austrian website featured a wide range of useful information and products to fitness lover who wants to build his muscle. There are some good tips here for increasing your basic level of work out, which plays a key role in your overall level of fitness.
And one more thing for you, our dear readers, Sportnahrungoffers beautiful picture galleries of body builders too!! Sportnahrung is written in German.

Are you global warmer ?

cody cummings
Global warming is such a big topic in these days and everthing is concerned and connected, namely; hot air, hot water, hot everywhere, and maybe hot guys too ?

Watch this hilarious video by Tan Man on how to stop “Al Gore and the hippies” and keep global warming going strong.

In fact, we can help our world by saving energy! Greenhouse gases are released whenever we burn fossil fuels such as coal, gasoline, and oil for energy. Cutting energy use cuts carbon dioxide.

Don’t fill the tub full when you take a bath.

Take a shorter shower, because a shower takes up to four times less energy than a bath. To maximize the energy saving, avoid power showers and use low-flow showerheads, which are cheap and provide the same comfort.

Don’t use electric light at all when natural light is sufficient. Windows higher on the wall will allow the light to penetrate further into the space.

Plant a tree or two or more.

Trees take in carbon dioxide from the air. A single tree will absorb one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime. Shade provided by trees can also reduce your electricity bill by 10 to 15%.
Now it is our chance to change. We can start doing little by little, from one to another daily, and eventually we can help our world.

[Special thanks to Youtube, and Cody Cummings]

Sex in the kitchen, because love is an all day affair

cody cumming
Feeling adventurous? In the mood for something new? or even engaging in something a little different or even spontaneous?
You can simply try to put on some sensual music, and begin preparing the meal. Let your boyfriend sitting on a chair, and bring your boyfriend something to eat, but don’t place it directly in his mouth; pass it underneath his nose, press it against his cheek and finally slide it onto his tongue.

Now unbutton your shirt ..(just shirt!!), then pick up his hand and place it on your exposed skin. Tease him until he squirms, then walk away to prepare more food. Come back and try to unbutton your boyfriend’s shirt sloowly..thaat’s it..

Then walk away to prepare food again….meanwhile you can seduce him by words, but don’t forget to be a bit playful and wild….As the evening progresses, the game becomes even more fun. Now you can begin to remove the clothing of your boyfriend in the chair, one piece at a time.

To have dinner and being naked at time can be somewhat erotic, sexy and fun.

Happy Saturday!

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