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Kody Corduan for Baskit Underwear

kody corduan for baskit underwear
kody corduan for baskit underwear
kody corduan for baskit underwear
Check out Kody Corduan for Baskit Underwear and his exclusive interview at Baskit’s blog [click image to enlarge].
kody corduan for baskit underwear
kody corduan for baskit underwear
kody corduan for baskit underwear

tMf Magazine – ISSUE 2, plus an exclusive interview with Dylan Rosser

tmf magazine 2
tmf magazine 2
tmf magazine 2
“After the success of June’s release of the first tMf Magazine, Photographer Dylan Rosser is back with the second issue available online now! Once again Dylan brings together some of the best photographers, models and artists sharing stories and of course pages and pages of incredible images. Cover model Vince Azzopardi steps in front of Dylan’s lens for a brand new full frontal shoot.”
“Also in issue #2, a feature interview with porn star Wilfried Knight who shares stories of the business and his life off the set. Thomas Synnamon shares a collection of black & White prints and tells tMf if he can make an unattractive man hot. Photographers David Arnot and Marcus Mok both share images from their new books, as well as some bonus shots only for tMf readers.”
“Model Isaiah Rojas, artist Ricardo Muniz, and photographers Howard Roffman, Ev Dylan and Giovanni complete this bumper issue of over 100 pages… and no advertising.”
Here are sample images from tMf issue #2 [click image to enlarge].
Visit : tMf Magazine | Dylan Rosser
To speak about tMf and Dylan Rosser, it was very exciting to have a chance to interview Dylan Rosser. This time he opened to talk about tMf project and his work.
HMTP How would you describe your shooting style?
Dylan Rosser Clean, simple and polished
HMTP How did you develop your style?
Dylan Rosser For me it developed out of the restrictions i had in terms of space and equipment. I started shooting at home against a plain backdrop and so i could never get wide expansive shots. I did not have access to big props or styling so it was basically experimenting with what I could do with just me, the model, a wall and lights. This obviously grew over time and I have been lucky enough to now shoot in better locations but I still try keep the simplicity you get from just having the basics.
HMTP Where do you get your inspiration for your creative photography?
Dylan Rosser Music videos often inspire me. If i see a cool looking shot i will try think if there is a way i could create something similar but without the cost.
tmf magazine 2
HMTP How do you feel about digitally enhancing photos?
Dylan Rosser Well i have been using photoshop for more than 20 years and so for me it is a large part of what i do. sometime I feel guilty being called a photographer when in fact maybe a better term is digital artist. At the end of the day it is just another tool used to create the final product.
HMTP What do you feel is the most challenging thing about photography?
Dylan Rosser For me specifically it is finding beautiful models that will do full frontal.
HMTP When did you know you finally made it as a professional?
Dylan Rosser I still don’t feel comfortable with the “professional” label. I think if you are a photographer that specifically shoots nudes you will not have the respect or support of the model agencies or fashion models for that matter. Unfortunately you need to be a fashion photographer to get that. But after getting my 1st book published i think maybe i started to believe in myself a bit more and now with my 3rd one coming out soon i guess i am more comfortable with that label.
HMTP What are your main concepts for TMF Mag ?
Dylan Rosser It’s simple. a forum for male nude photographers to show there work and models to show there skin.
tmf magazine 2
tmf magazine 2
HMTP What is the process you go through for finding models for your shoots, and how do you choose between them?
Dylan Rosser I use modelling network sites and also Facebook has become quite useful. I will never approach someone in person in a bar or on the street so it is always via an email where i can explain the sort of photography i do. To ask a stranger to take off all their clothes for your camera is hard but with an email i can at least link to my work so they can see what i do. In terms of what i’m looking for, i like guys who look like they could be a fashion model. so not bodybuilders or overly pumped up guys.
HMTP What do you like most about your TMF Mag ?
Dylan Rosser I started out as a magazine designer so i have enjoyed designing the mag and working with other photographer images.
HMTP And the last question, if you had one wish…
Dylan Rosser I would be rich enough to have beautiful homes all over the world, and i would fly the hottest male models out to visit me. I would spend my days photographing my guests in a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure to make money from the images and just do it for the fun.
A big thanks to Dylan Rosser for sharing us images and info from tMf Magazine, also this exclusive interview.
tmf magazine 2

Tim Baird : The Winner of Baskit and Modeling Contest : HQ images

tim baird for baskit shot by toky photography
tim baird for baskit shot by toky photography
tim baird for baskit shot by toky photography
Baskit, best known for premium underwear, swimwear and activewear collections recently joined forces with social networking site to find the perfect ambassadors for its new image campaign that launched this month.”
“Hailing from the Nation’s Capital, meet Tim Baird, an all-American guy who proved he is more than just a pretty face and a super fit body. His killer smile and charming personality brought the heat to beach during a photo shoot that found him showcasing new styles from this year’s underwear offerings, dangling from cliffs over crashing waves, and braving the freezing water to show off an irresistible swimsuit.”
A big thanks to Baskit for sharing us images [click image to enlarge] and information.
Visit : Baskit | Toky Photography
tim baird for baskit shot by toky photography
Just to fill you in about Tim Baird, Baskit aslo shares the following interview with us.
Baskit : What’s your age and where you are from, Tim?
Tim : I’m 27 and right now I live and work in DC. I grew up in Cohasset, Massachusetts, a small town just south of Boston.

Baskit : What do you do for a living (aside from modeling)? What did you want to be when you were a kid?
Tim : I work full-time for a healthcare non-profit, but as a little kid I always wanted to be a professional soccer player.

Baskit : What’s the best way to spend your day off? Extra hours at the gym? On the beach? Hiking?
Tim : If I had a totally free day, which never happens, I’d sleep in, then with a little motivation I’d get to the gym and spend the rest of my afternoon by the pool or beach with some friends, music, food and drinks.

Baskit : Were you familiar with Baskit before the model search and what drew you to it?
Tim : Totally. I have a few pairs and modeled for a Baskit underwear show in DC. It’s sexy, great fitting underwear so entering the contest just made sense for me.

Baskit :
Is there something you aren’t doing that you wish you were? A sport/skill you were never good at or just haven’t gotten around to learning yet?
Tim : I really want to learn how to surf. I need to get my ass to a beach where I can practice!

Baskit : What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Tim : Never take anything too seriously, including yourself!

Baskit : On a random Saturday, what are you wearing?
Tim : Shorts, a tank or v-neck and flip-flops. I’ll probably have some kind of necklace on, aviators if I haven’t lost them and Baskit’s, of course.

Baskit : If you had a week on a beach and could only take three things with you what would they be (aside from clothes and money?)
Tim : Tough question. Definitely music, a volleyball and a surfboard so I can finally pickup surfing!

Baskit : Got any other interest tid-bits or pieces of information you’d want to share? Maybe something nobody knows about you?
Tim : I speak Spanish, bummed around South America for a year, and have cut my own hair since I was 17.

Visit : Baskit
tim baird for baskit shot by toky photography
tim baird for baskit shot by toky photography

Exclusive interview with David Arnot

david arnot one
david arnot one
david arnot one
david arnot one
We feel so excited to have a chance to interview a talented photographer David Arnot. Today David talks to us about his works and his very first photography book “ONE” [click image to enlarge]. Let’s get started now, shall we ?
How did you first get into photography?

I remember seeing the movie, The Eyes of Laura Mars as a young kid and thinking photography looked so cool and glamorous, set in NYC with fabulous models and music! I hoped I would do something like that someday. I played around with my parent’s camera taking photos of my girlfriends but that was short lived. I became interested in painting and drawing, focused on sports and athletic interests, and then later worked in business. So, I didn’t become a photographer, or even pick up a camera again until 4 years ago!

A fashion photographer who inspires you?

I always loved Richard Avedon’s work and Patrick Demarchelier. Of course, Bruce Weber and Herb Ritts, they seem to be very big influences for many photographers working in this genre. There are so many cool young photographers doing great work, I love Elvis Di Fazio.

How would you describe your style?

Sexy, Clean.

Where do you get your inspiration for your creative photography?

I love music and fashion and sports and sex! Those are probably my biggest inspirations.

How important is Photoshop in your final images?

It’s certainly a great tool for finishing or enhancing photos, but
I don’t want it to overwhelm my images.

What were some real turning points in your career?

Probably when I saw my first images on the internet, and then in a printed magazine and finally a book of my own work.

When did you know you finally made it as a professional?

Well, I doubt I’ll ever feel like I’ve really “made it”. But it has been very exciting and a little surprising to see so much interest in ONE.

david arnot one
david arnot one
What are the concepts of ONE ?

ONE is a collection of my work shot over the past two years. I didn’t want to do a themed book, but rather a collection of images which I thought my audience would enjoy the most.

Why is it called ONE ?

It’s called ONE because it’s my first book. But I am hoping not to call my second book TWO, though that is the working title right now!

What is the process you go through for finding models for your shoots, and how do you choose between them?

I find my models from a variety of sources. Some are agency models and some are models who email me through my website or facebook. I also connect with models through other photographers. Of course you want the models to be great looking, but some just have a certain sexiness that they convey to the camera which can’t be directed, it’s a gift.

And the last question, if you had one wish…

I wish there were more hours in the day, to work on more fun projects and create everything I would like to do!

A big thanks David Arnot to for the exclusive interview and images.
Visit : David Arnot
Get a copy of ONE
david arnot one
david arnot one

New Greg Plitt Workout Video and Stills

greg plitt
greg plitt
Here’s a brand new Greg Plitt‘s workout video including some still images [click image to enlarge]. Also for those of you who are more fitness related, Greg just completed an interview here at Simply Shredded. Check him out !!
A big thanks to Greg Plitt for sharing us information.
Visit : Greg Plitt
greg plitt

Interview by Gregg Homme with Christopher Nogiec

christopher nogiec for gregg homme
christopher nogiec for gregg homme
christopher nogiec for gregg homme
Here’s Christopher Nogiec and his latest images for Gregg Homme [click image to enlarge]. Plus his interview that Gregg Homme would love to share with you all, dear readers.
Here we go….
Are you a Thong, Briefs or Boxer Briefs type?

[CN] – Boxer briefs, but nice pair of briefs when going out or for a special occasion.What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning ?

[CN] – Go running, then make coffee! I know, wrong order, right???

Are you single?

[CN] – Yes

What is your # 1 rule to staying in shape?

[CN] – Consistency: workout, run, and eat well

If you could change one part of your body, which would it be
or why?

[CN] – Hair color and freckles—I never get cast/picked for the dark, sultry, sexy look. I’m not tall, dark, and handsome.

Do you think that translucent underwear could change your life?

[CN] – Yes, for one, it feels like I’m not wearing any underwear, and that feels good. Also, it feels sexy, even when no one can see my underwear. When I feel sexy, I feel it emanates and makes me look sexy to others. Haha, as cheesy as that sounds, I definitely throw on a sexy pair of underwear before going out to make me feel sexier and hopefully more attractive.

christopher nogiec for gregg homme
christopher nogiec for gregg homme
christopher nogiec for gregg homme
What is one food you couldn’t live without…?

[CN] – Milk: I love milk, cheese, and well, that’s where my whey protein comes from.

What is your favourite workout song?

[CN] – Hmm… there are so many and it always changes…basically, anything with a good beat that makes me move/dance a little between sets. LOL! I kind of like the Kevin Rudolf “let it rock” song, The Roots “The Seed 2.0,” and Fort Minor “Remember The Name”… stuff like that or even “Telephone” by Lady Gaga/Beyonce.

What’s your favorite song to get down and dirty?

[CN] – Hmm… what’s my favorite “baby making music?” Anything with a good R&B beat or dark and sexy:1. John Legend
“Green Light”

2. Janet “All night (Don’t Stop)” or “That’s
the way love goes”

3. Britney “Breathe On Me”

4. Tweet “Oops”

5. Madonna “Burning Up” or “Justify My Love”

6. Kyle Minogue “Slow”

Oh, wait, did you just want one song? I think I get carried away…

What is your biggest turn on?

[CN] – Confidence

What is your favorite Gregg Homme style to model?

[CN] – That’s a tough one…they all felt really comfortable when modeling them. But, I think I like either the Bandito or the Torrid best!

Finally, a big thanks to Gregg Homme for sharing us images of Christopher Nogiec and this lovely interview.
Visit : Gregg Homme
christopher nogiec for gregg homme
christopher nogiec for gregg homme
christopher nogiec for gregg homme

Interview with Bradford Rogne

jessie pavelka bradford rogne
jessie pavelka bradford rogne
It was very exciting to have a chance to interview Bradford Rogne, the talented photographer who recently photographed Jessie Pavelka, Marco Dapper, Jakub Stefano, and other hot models, Bernardo Coppola and Pablo in the past months.
Indeed, today we bring you the conversation!! Let’s start to get to know more about Bradford Rogne from here, shall we ?
Could you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into photography?
I first discovered the transformative power of photography when I was 15, growing up in Sacramento , CA. A good friend of mine just had her photos taken by a German fashion photographer and I was blown away. I decided in those moments of looking thru her photos, that photography was an itch I had to scratch. I’ve been itching ever since! I moved to San Francisco immediately after high school and began shooting for the local modeling agencies. It all just snowballed from there.
pablo bradford rogne
Do you remember your first published photography? How did you think and feel?
I was lucky enough to have my work published in some small local publications, while I was still in high school. Ifound local magazines with small to no budgets, and worked my way in. At the time, I felt it validated my work, and gave me a huge sense of accomplishment. Now, I get even more satisfaction from seeing my work online. You get instant feedback from people all over the world, and reach audiences you that might not have seen your work otherwise. How amazing is that!
jessie pavelka bradford rogne
How would you describe your photographic style and how it has developed over the years?
I’ve always gravitated towards beauty, so I think my work has been and will always be a little sexy. I’m still exploring, so at this point in my career, it’s hard to say what defines my point of view. At the moment, I light everything! I rarely use natural light on it’s own, and favor multiple combinations of light sources. In studio or on-location, my strobes are with me. Last year, Jil Greenberg was a big inspiration, and I think that may have influenced my work a tiny bit.
marco dapper bradford rogne
What makes you choose to shoot something in B&W or color?
I think it just strikes you in the moment. I always have a vision in my head of the final outcome, so whatever that is, I shoot for.
We assume, there are times when everyone tells you that your photographs are good, but you are not satisfied with it. What do you think about this point?
It’s hard to have perspective on your own work, just as it’s hard to have perspective on yourself 🙂 You see things that other people would never notice, but I realize that. The one wonderful lesson that I’ve learned over years working with so many actors is that everyone is their own worst critic. I refuse to be that person, even though it’s tuff sometimes. Create it, and enjoy it as it is.
size bradford rogne
Bernardo Coppola bradford rogne
Will you publish your own photography book?
I’d love to publish a book of my work at some point. I’m just guessing that process will start to evolve on it’s own. We’ll see!
Do you have any words of wisdom to offer someone aspiring to become a photographer?
My biggest bit of advice is to listen. Find a mentor or mentors who inspire you, and learn all you can. Know-it-all’s always take the long road. Offer your time for free to a photographer who can inspire you, and give you a careers worth of insight. You’ll be glad you did 😉
Finally, a big big thanks to Bradford Rogne for the interview.
jakub stefano bradford rogne
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