David Beckham couples with Emporio Armani = Money


Since Emporio Armani’s underwear ads revealed! David Beckham’s Emporio Armani ads have resulted in a spike like 150% sales increase in London shops after the first day’s sales.

For this post, I would start with three questions ;

Is the unknown guy on the left side sexier than David Beckham ?,

or David Beckham is sexier than him ?,

or both are very sexy ?

Hard to decide or not ?

Let speak in this way,

First, just leave the name of David Beckham somewhere and have a look at a couple of photo below.

armani david beckham
When nobody knows who is who and when nobody says, the right photo is David Beckham’s bulge, people may think, hmmm it is a nice bulge shot..sooo what ?, but when the name is mentioned, then people may say WOW!!!

Certainly, David Beckham’s name is his brand name and couples with Emporio Armani = Money.

A simple and ultimate equation!

Therefore, I find, commercial or brand name thing, which we “still stick to it mostly”, has such a high potential of persuasion in the market.

Is this the fundamental strategy of this underwear campaign?, I would guess so. One group of people may be able to answer this question, whereas another one may follow the mainstream and praise him.

Here comes another example with another David!

David Gandy is the selected model for Dolce and Gabbana’s 2008 underwear range. He takes it all off for Dolce & Gabbana. It is quite obvious that he looks must hotter and hunkier than Beckham for Armani!

Apparently hot beef muscular body must come with name, and even better with brand name.

david gandy david gandy david gandy
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