John Galliano goes publishing

john galliano
john galliano
After seeing the latest and brand new collection of John Galliano, a famous fashion designer of this decade. I would love to share a bit of my point of view. Although I am one of his fan!
Somehow, I am curious about what and how is he thinking ? Yet again with “GAZETTE”‘s collection is long after Spring/Summer 2006 (above left), and again around the beginning of 2008 with an accessory like a hand bag.
Ok, I tried to be positive…if I get bored when I take or wear the “GAZETTE” then I could start reading my bag or t-shirt, or before I go to work in the morning and want to enjoy a nice coffee with a newspaper, then I could also start reading it!!!
But….there were several things bursting on suddenly in my mind…
First, I just wondered whether this “GAZETTE” newspaper of Spring/Summer 2009 is chronicled to the 2006’s collection?

Second, or has it the same text like the one in Spring/Summer 2006 ?

And third, does he want to create a concept , which likes e.g. Andy Warhol’s, who has developed “his kind” of our beloved Pop Art ?

john galliano
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