Exclusive interview with David Arnot

david arnot one
david arnot one
david arnot one
david arnot one
We feel so excited to have a chance to interview a talented photographer David Arnot. Today David talks to us about his works and his very first photography book “ONE” [click image to enlarge]. Let’s get started now, shall we ?
How did you first get into photography?

I remember seeing the movie, The Eyes of Laura Mars as a young kid and thinking photography looked so cool and glamorous, set in NYC with fabulous models and music! I hoped I would do something like that someday. I played around with my parent’s camera taking photos of my girlfriends but that was short lived. I became interested in painting and drawing, focused on sports and athletic interests, and then later worked in business. So, I didn’t become a photographer, or even pick up a camera again until 4 years ago!

A fashion photographer who inspires you?

I always loved Richard Avedon’s work and Patrick Demarchelier. Of course, Bruce Weber and Herb Ritts, they seem to be very big influences for many photographers working in this genre. There are so many cool young photographers doing great work, I love Elvis Di Fazio.

How would you describe your style?

Sexy, Clean.

Where do you get your inspiration for your creative photography?

I love music and fashion and sports and sex! Those are probably my biggest inspirations.

How important is Photoshop in your final images?

It’s certainly a great tool for finishing or enhancing photos, but
I don’t want it to overwhelm my images.

What were some real turning points in your career?

Probably when I saw my first images on the internet, and then in a printed magazine and finally a book of my own work.

When did you know you finally made it as a professional?

Well, I doubt I’ll ever feel like I’ve really “made it”. But it has been very exciting and a little surprising to see so much interest in ONE.

david arnot one
david arnot one
What are the concepts of ONE ?

ONE is a collection of my work shot over the past two years. I didn’t want to do a themed book, but rather a collection of images which I thought my audience would enjoy the most.

Why is it called ONE ?

It’s called ONE because it’s my first book. But I am hoping not to call my second book TWO, though that is the working title right now!

What is the process you go through for finding models for your shoots, and how do you choose between them?

I find my models from a variety of sources. Some are agency models and some are models who email me through my website or facebook. I also connect with models through other photographers. Of course you want the models to be great looking, but some just have a certain sexiness that they convey to the camera which can’t be directed, it’s a gift.

And the last question, if you had one wish…

I wish there were more hours in the day, to work on more fun projects and create everything I would like to do!

A big thanks David Arnot to for the exclusive interview and images.
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david arnot one
david arnot one
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