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Patrick Hazlewood by David Vance

Patrick Hazlewood

I was drawn to the mixture of dynamic and serene feeling in this outstanding photograph of Patrick Hazlewood by David Vance as the composition itself makes a powerful statement. It really makes the subject pop from the background and creates wonderful relationship excellently.

Paul Smith versus Titanmen

paul smith

My first thought when I look at Titanmen’s car in RS Klub’s blog, was somehow linked to Paul Smith’s mini. I like to visualize and therefore I placed them side by side to see the differences. Well, obviously one is so flamboyant and vivid whereas the other is so macho and masculine. But they surely have something in common..guess what!…I must say, they’re both so gay…….

BeauMonde’s boxer shorts

beaumonde underwear

When it comes to a choice of preference and how to be sexy, some people interpret sexy as boxer shorts and others as a tight brief. A few days back, I surfed internet and found this beautiful ad campaign of BeauMonde embodies with sexy male model in different boxer shorts. All low rise boxer shorts design couple with his nice lean torso focusing on his sexy …

Beyond the good and trendy look of Jared

Jared Prudo Smith

Let’s fly toward south a few miles to the north of caribbean. Guess where!….Yes South beach, Florida where we find Jared. He has a very interesting life and combination of career paths. He is a teacher in a middle school, bartender and professional model represented by Elite in Miami. Sounds like he loves diversity of life in which I find …

New face : Joshua McCaghren

Joshua McCaghren

Millions of people live in this fast and furious fabulous New York City. It makes, the city is a great place to find new design, art, fashion and many new face models at the same time. Yesterday I introduced you Jonathan Ledee and today let’s get to know another New Yorker, Joshua McCaghren, shall we?…

What shall I do with these guys?

sexy guy

Last night, I found my new crush in Gaytrix. OMG! I would love to cuddle these beautifully toned and tanned guys, but first I would ask the one on the top to give me his unequalled sexy cute boy smile and for the second below, I would ask him to.. [please fill in the blank], guess what!…

Jonathan Ledee : boy next door

Jonathan Ledee

Happy Wednesday girls!, remember there’re 2 more days left in this week and when this chaos and hectic days end, you will have time enjoying your weekend once again. You will be the most happy gay on the block. Think positive!!!! Make sure you are looking your best and glam up!!

Anyway, today I proudly present you another new and cute face male model. …


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INNdulge Gay Resort

Naked Men in the Desert
Legendary Gay Resort
Clothing is Forever Optional

Naked Men in the Desert
Legendary Gay Resort
Clothing is Forever Optional

Naked Men in the Desert
Legendary Gay Resort
Clothing is Forever Optional