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Latent sexuality

who took this sexy photo

We were wondering who took these wonderful photographs. We love two features of these photographs which are latent sexuality and the use of light creating unique atmosphere. Certainly, we believe, they please everybody’s eyes.

who took this sexy photo

who took this sexy photo

Helge M for Booklet

helge for booklet

We aren’t sure by now most of you already know that there is another lovely fashion magazine called Booklet, well to be honest we really like this magazine and would like to address you again, dear readers. Today, we would like to present you this editorial for German Swimmer Helge Meeuw photographed by Uli Mattes….Yessss indeed..and yes indeed..Swimming does a body real good !!

Wanna …

Model updated : Philip for Exercise

philip f

Check out, Philip features on the cover of Exercise For Men Only : Issue May 2009. He looks really great on this cover, doesn’t he ?

Move along to two other new photos of him which we find them totally awesome!!!!…..and if you like to get to know him more you will find others post for Philip here [+], here[+] and …

Datch : Spring/Summer 2009

datch spring summer 2009

datch spring summer 2009

Dear readers, today we present you the newest Datch campaign for Spring/Summer 2009. We find, it’s really optimizing in the fashion industry, especially for casual wear or street wear. It looks cool and relaxed or we say in German “ein bisschen locker”

Well, to those of …

Colorful you : Benetton Spring/Summer 2009 Campaign

Benetton SS 09 campaign

Check out the most recent campaign of Benetton for Spring/Summer 2009. We find, these photographs are soooo Benetton, and why?, because…because of the colorful, excited, and upbeat feeling!!! in which we always find in each collection of Benetton. So, dear readers, are you ready for this coming Spring?!?!

By the way, for XL Size, please …

So many privileges may go to…

lovely ad

What is this lovely ad for ? We let you guess…[grins] or just simply see the answer by clicking on the picture. We typed the URL of the answer at the bottom of the image.

Creativity has no limit.

sexy guy with industrial duct

“Creativity has no limit” seems to be the right sentence to describe these lovely photo series. OK, the quality of the scanned pictures isn’t so great but at least we can see those industrial ducts. Well, what we like the most is, the way the photographer and the creative team added industrial ducts into this theme and transformed something ordinary to something beautiful! Would …





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