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Beautiful photographs by Cesar Contreras

Cesar Contreras

These are lovely sexy photographs shot by Cesar Contreras, 27 years old model turns to be photographer. To me, I find his work exceptionally great and outstanding!. I can say, every single photographs is beautifully composed, the lighting is very good, and it’s a real pleasure to see his photographs. Would you agree?…

Shirtless guys on Summer ad


Summer has gone by and it’s time to show you what I like and have collected for sometime. Obviously, three ads are not much but I find them quite interesting, therefore I cropped all pictures so you, my dear readers, can guess what these ads are all about. Just click at the picture to see the complete ad.

By the way, I give you …

Hot! Impetus underwear

impetus underwear

Hello Sunday! today I would like to show you a new campaign from Impetus, a portuguese brand, based in Apúlia-Esposende ,Portugal. But first of first, to those of you who don’t know what Impetus design looks like, let get to know by seeing some of them now, shall we?

Have you ever seen a nice Gay Marriage Campaign?

no on prop8

When I saw this photograph, the thought of Gay Marriage suddenly popped up in my head from nowhere with a question, “Have I ever seen a nice Gay Marriage Campaign?”, unfortunately, my answer was “NO”

Well, to me, a good advertisement has power of persuasion [no wonder why many people go to Starbucks buying at least a cup of coffee everyday]. Anyway, …

Replay : Fall/Winter 2008-2009

replay jeans

Apart from Diesel, I also love Replay Jeans, you too? Anyway I’m quite excited to see this new collection for Fall/Winter 2008-2009 and I’m so glad to see its new campaign as well. I find Replay Jeans campaign has done a great job by implying the durability of jeans and yet stylish.

DNA : Borys


Here comes another handsome from DNA, his name is Borys. Borys means fighter or warrior and sounds like he comes from Poland, although I’m not sure. Anyway just right from the first moment, he caught my attention with his versatile look, especially the last two photographs in which I find him very very attractive….

DNA : Baptiste Giabiconi

Baptiste Giabiconi

Introducing you a new face from DNA, his name is Baptiste Giabiconi with perfect stats 6’2”, black hair and big sexy brown eyes. Oh dear readers, I must confess, it’s one of my weaknesses to see a guy with sexy eyes. If I meet him somewhere, I will give him many kisses here and there…er…I meant it was only in conditional clause and …


Trophy : Get us




INNdulge Gay Resort

Naked Men in the Desert
Legendary Gay Resort
Clothing is Forever Optional

Naked Men in the Desert
Legendary Gay Resort
Clothing is Forever Optional

Naked Men in the Desert
Legendary Gay Resort
Clothing is Forever Optional