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Visionary of beauty from Ethan James

ethan james

Visionary of beauty from Ethan James, a Ph.D. student at Middle Tennessee State University.

Through his lens, he portrays everything in his themes, from ordinary to extraordinary with a lot of imagination and creation. These photo are wonderful things he has done. That was the art we are looking for.

Let’s go greek with Sakis Rouvas

Sakis Rouvas

I am faaaaaainting……One of my weakness is seeing a guy like Sakis Rouvas.
Another weakness is seeing a shirtless guy like Sakis Rouvas.
And the worse case is, seeing a naked guy like Sakis Rouvas.

If I know how to speak Greek, I would love to tell him
“I love you!”

Hot desktop wallpapers at Gayromeo



It is now sunday night!, are you ready for work tomorrow?. Me?. NO!!, I am still enjoying my weekend, being lazy on my bed, watching movies, surfing internet, and chatting in Gayromeo.

Fabio Luiz, le beau garçon

fabio luiz

After I looked at this Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male. It made me awake, while I was still in the half-sleep state. What a nice wake up call for a beautiful saturday!

With my eagerness and curiosity urged me to find out, who is this guy and what is his name? Then I started to google…et voilà le beau garçon!

Fabio Luiz, 188 cm tall and luminous brown eyes….

Yet, I …

Alluring skin in Magnifique 2009 Calendar from Fred Goudon

magnifique 2009

Thinking for an exotic tropical island vacation? or you don’t have time or plan to go to the sea ?

Now is the chance…

Let’s dream to these nice and sweet boys.

Let’s imagine the bewitching magic of sandy beach, crystal clear water and alluring skin in Magnifique 2009 Calendar from …

The hottest Turkish wrestling

turkish wrestler

Each nation has its own traditional festival and so Turkey. This festive event happens every summer for the last 650 years during the Kirkpinar festival, which highlighted by the oil wrestling, known as “yagli gures” (pronounced “yaw-luh gresh”), the slippiest macho sport of all kind.

turkish wrestler

Who will be the next model of aussieBum?


aussieBum is one of the finest and fastest growing Australian men’s swimwear manufacturer. Amazingly, Ashby, the founder, founded with a 20,000 AU$, or € 12,300, but now aussieBum is on its way to AU$20 million in annual sales. Thanks to internet, aussieBum runs entirely via virtualstore, and capably ships over 1,000 unique orders a day. At that same …


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INNdulge Gay Resort

Naked Men in the Desert
Legendary Gay Resort
Clothing is Forever Optional

Naked Men in the Desert
Legendary Gay Resort
Clothing is Forever Optional

Naked Men in the Desert
Legendary Gay Resort
Clothing is Forever Optional