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Look Model : Asaf

Asaf Look Agency

Introducing 2 models from Look, Tel-Aviv based modeling agency. I selected Asaf because of the above photograph. The photograph presents mysterious feeling and yet charming at the same time.

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Get ready with full Energie!


Are you prepared for this Fall and the coming Winter? Otherwise let’s get some exercise, keep yourself fit and get ready with full Energie!

Fall/Winter ’08 underwear collection is out now for you. This collection featured a really sporty model as you can see here and yet there is no need to mention how sexy he …

Jhanelle Johnson : California Bachelor 2008

Jhanelle Johnson

Today, I found this cute guy Jhanelle Johnson-Castillo and wanted to share with you. Jhanelle is California Bachelor 2008 from Cosmopolitan and is represented by Click Models in Los Angeles and New York.

Apart from his lovely smile, it is so interesting to see him in another photograph when he doesn’t smile at all. A single wonderful smile changes one personality, …

Recent photographs of sexy Lars Stephan

Lars Stephan

Here comes Lars Stephan. Do you still remember him? If not, I will recall a little. Well, back in 2007, the above photograph was one of his famous shot floating in the rainbow color virtual space aross the globe after many gay bloggers’d posted his photographs and mentioned how sexy he was. Lars is German and moved to NYC two years ago after …

Jax and his white underwear


Last night, I found Jax on the front page of Undergear among others hot hunky male models. He is so handsome and looks delicious especially in this photograph.

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Desconexo : alternative trend of fashion


I love alternative trend, pop art, fashion and as a matter of fact when everything is together, it is so perfect. Today I sneaked out to www virtual window shopping for my fashion design market research while I was working at the office [I just needed an inspiration sometime]. Eventually I found a cute official site of a Brazilian fashion house called Desconexo….

New handsome face Brock Harris

Brock Harris

Introducing you a new handsome face, Brock Harris,20 years old from Stillwater, Oklahoma. I find him quite attractive, hot, and a bit wild especially the first photograph when he looks similar to a young cowboy in Brokeback Mountain.

The more I look at him the more I like. He gets even sexier when he …





INNdulge Gay Resort

Naked Men in the Desert
Legendary Gay Resort
Clothing is Forever Optional

Naked Men in the Desert
Legendary Gay Resort
Clothing is Forever Optional

Naked Men in the Desert
Legendary Gay Resort
Clothing is Forever Optional