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Wonderfully fabulous Alex Bego

Alex Bego

To see the world from many angles is like to read many books in many subjects. One of my eclectic interests is photography. As I mentioned from the last post that there are so many cute guys around the world and so many great photographers as well.

Lo and behold! here’re some collection and work from …

In your eyes : Chad Revel


Let me tell you something.
Since I started blogging with my 2 buddies here, I’ve got heart attack almost everyday, so that I finally realize, there are so many cute, hot, handsome guys in every single corner of the world. It’s just the matter of where and when we find him.

Proverb of the day : “Your eyes are the door …

Recent photographs of Leonardo Corredor

Leonardo Corredor
Leonardo Corredor

I believe, you, my dear readers, are familiar with the above photographs. Oh yes Leonardo Corredor beau garçon’s photographs have been floating in many gay blogs across the globe since 2007.

And here’re his recent photographs in which I have a feeling …

How can I get this sexy abs ?


Do you see like what I saw? or I was just simply hallucinated by getting overdose from many cups of cappuccino?

OMG!! 8 packs!!8 packs flat sexy abs of Naresh. Oh dear, from now on, I have no idea how many hours that I will have to spend at the gym just to get this abs!…

Could he become the next Got Milk guy?

If this photograph of Eugen Malitsky had been featured in Got Milk campaign, it would have been an issue on the first page of many newspapers. Though to me, I would have liked to drink more milk, because it looks so convincing that milk does built a body real good!!

[ :: find another post for sexy Milk here+ and here+]

Brandon White and his Calvin Klein brief

Brandon White

We assume everybody sees that. His body and face are really beautiful! Brandon White has all natural assets in which one model needs. He’s tall, looks stylish.

Meanwhile we don’t think….we’re only people who believe that he could be a model for leading underwear brands in the coming season, otherwise we would ask you …

Nicholas Lemons by Erik Swain

Nicholas Lemons

Concentration is one of my weaknesses, because I can’t just sit still for a long period of time. I always like to sneak out to the fabulous virtual world. Well, although I don’t want to blame internet, but for the sake of handsome men, goshhh…I can’t help myself or should I say, I am ad”dick”ted [to internet]?.

Today [Saaterday!!!], while I was acting …





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