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The Boys by Lindsay Lozon

Lindsay Lozons

My dear reader, I just found this sexy book called “The Boys” by Lindsay Lozons and would like to share the information with you all. This books is full of adorable photographs of wide range hunky fellas and tastefully done, of course.

In detail, Lindsay Lozons presents you the facets of male beauty without being offensively erotic to the …

Temptations 2009

Temptations 2009 Calendar

Temptations 2009 Calendar featuring sinfully tantalizing recipes from internationally renown chef & restauranteur Bruno Serato of Anaheim White House. This appetizing calendar of tasty young male models would make anyone gratified beyond the point of satisfaction. By all means, I can imagine how lovely and fantastic of my dining atmosphere turn if I will have such hot guys like these around….

Sexy and stylish with Peter Papenberg

Peter Papenberg

Introducing, a brandnew design underwear for urban men from Peter Papenberg. Papenberg´s designs reflects the man himself. His creations are masculine, sensitive, extraordinary, luxurious, high quality and sexy!!. In detail, his beautiful and stylish underwear is made of modern fabric mix. Papenberg´s choice is cotton-bamboo, an excellent organic which has many benefits and advantages over cotton. Bamboo fabric is softer than cotton …

Fantastic photograph series from F&G Photography

F and G Photography

F&G Photography is “a collaborative effort of two creative individuals. They came from two different artistic backgrounds, one is from fashion and the other has more technical points of view. Together they combined both these talents and came up with F&G.”

These are just a few from F&G Photography, and the more …

German Reunification


On the 3rd October 1990, East and West Germany are reunited, ending 45 years of Cold War division.

Since Summer 2005, I have moved to my new apartment, where it is located in area of the former East Berlin’s border [5 minutes walking to the former Berlin wall] and called as Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. Life here is different than where I had been before. …

Passion and emotion expressed by James Hope

James Hope

James Hope is an internationally published photographer, based in London and Milan, specializing in fashion, portrait, sports, editorial, commercial and advertising photography. He is inspired by his love of outdoor sports and lifestyles in which we can see from his work. His photographs are

I am very content to have seen his photographs. Indeed, James Hope is …

Scene Model : Chris Allan

chris allan

To be continue from the last two posts, I introduce you once again, the third model from Scene Model Management, Chris Allan.

I am drawn to him like a moth to a flame by his beautiful mysterious versatile look, and likewise his color photographs which leave me to imagine more about him….