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Chris Nogiec and his sexy legs

Chris Nogiec

This post is a tribute to Chris Nogiec, a hot handsome man with nice long sexy legs. We love his pictures, and especially the first one!. Besides these pictures have such feeling of summer and we already miss it!.

Chris Nogiec

Chronicles of Jason Beam for Teamm8

Jason A Beam

As you know, the dashingly gorgeous, Jason A. Beam has appeared on Teamm8 Campaigns. So we thought, why didn’t we put all of his pictures for these campaigns together ? Yes indeed, it ‘s time to see him in 3 different scenes…. And one thing, each scene really makes us drool and drool…[sigh]…

Who’s this smooth sexy stallion ?

sexy who031108

Who’s this smooth, well built sexy stallion ? He’s built like a Roman Sculpture! We just couldn’t stop ourselves from imagine more of his perfectly shaped body!.

sexy who031108

Sexy photographs by Demitrius Orlandus

Demitrius Orlandus

We found Demitrius Orlandus last night and thought it was just utterly cool with beautiful post production and digital photo retouching techniques. Oh dear, though these photographs are kinda like cartoon, but this cartoon is one of the sexiest cartoons we have ever seen!. Therefore, we give the photographer double A+ for his great work.

[Find another post for similar digital photo retouching …

Robert Pattinson attended the ‘Twilight’ Premiere

Robert Pattinson

Before my sleeping beauty time, I had to come here to address you this news. Gorgeous Robert Pattinson attended the ‘Twilight‘ Premiere during the 3rd Rome International Film Festival held at the Auditorium Parco della Musica on October 30, 2008 in Rome, Italy.

OMG! He looks even more handsome than the time when he …

Tolka : another natural wonder of Turkey


It’s impossible not to fall in love and crazy about him. I AM already! Handsome and wonderful, Tolka is another natural wonder of Turkey, thus I guess, I know, it’s a must to visit this country once in my life because [it seems] there’s where handsome guys reside.

Hugh : British model

hugh p

Once we wrote about Hugh, British model from Oxford and tonight we came here to update his news. It’s just what we like and we prefer to keep our posts up to date as much as possible and so that you, our dear readers, can see some new pictures as well.

First update, he’s now represented by Celsius Models.

The second, …