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who’s this mysterious man?

sexy 31 oct 08

We’ve got an email from one of our reader. He asked us whether we know him or not. Unfortunately, our answer is no. We do not know him at all. Nevertheless, we thought, it’d be better to post these pictures here and maybe you can give us some tip again ?

sexy 31 oct 08

His blue eyes : Scott Brown

scott brown

OMG! look at these big blue eyes of sexy Irish model, Scott Brown. The color captured in his eyes is remarkable and his eyes look amazing, don’t they? Besides, his undie pictures below, oh dear, these sexy pictures make me want to faaaaaint!

scott brown

Recent photographs of Nic Haas by Bradford Rogne

nic haas

Yes indeed and yes indeed, I know, you know him, Nic Haas, but I guess many of you haven’t seen these 3 lovely photographs and therefore I think, it’d be great to share you all here….lo and behold! my dear readers.

[Photo : Bradford Rogne]

nic haas

Max Chernitsov : Summer Ice SS 09

Max Chernitsov

Yesterday you got to know Alex Bego, Russian Photographer. Today I would like to introduce you Max Chernitsov.

A few days ago, he had his fashion show during the Moscow Fashion Week and the collection, which you are viewing now, is called Summer Ice for Spring/Summer 09. It’s another hot collection for the next coming Summer, isn’t it?…

Homotrophy Interview : Joe Snyder

Joe Snyder

As we already promised and mentioned to you about our exclusive interview yesterday, it is our honor to present you a famous, one-and-only Joe Snyder from Mexico…. This time he opened his heart and souls to talk about ……Excited already?

Come on…what are we waiting for? As Heidi Klum would say in Project Runway, ‘Let’s start the show!’…

Again, who’s that guy ?

sexy who

We love this photograph of Mr. ?. By looking at his body and whitey-tighty boxer [sigh]. Thanks God for building such a beautiful creation. Again with the same question which we used to ask you, our dear readers, thus if you know who he is or who shot this beautiful photograph, we will appreciate your information.

Wonderfully fabulous Alex Bego

Alex Bego

To see the world from many angles is like to read many books in many subjects. One of my eclectic interests is photography. As I mentioned from the last post that there are so many cute guys around the world and so many great photographers as well.

Lo and behold! here’re some collection and work from …