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Beautiful photographs of Alastair Coldrey

Alastair Coldrey

Some of you may know from many posts here that I like black & white photograph. Yes, I feel in love with it, and especially a beautiful black & white photograph of a good looking guy!

Alastair Coldrey

He’s Alastair Coldrey, a British Model, represented by …

Three captures, three different feelings of Zack Van Der Merwe

Zack Van Der Merwe

Look how beautiful the first picture is!! The wonderful nature boost his body confidence to shine under the sun in the middle of broad and placid lake….it’s so fantastic!!!

By the way, I also like the second and the third as well. Three captures, three different feelings from one handsome model names Zack Van Der Merwe. Zack is represented by Ford …

Sexy “Junge Mann”

sexy guy

Does someone know who this sexy “Junge Mann” is and who photographed? Anyway, he is very hot. OMG!

sexy guy

MC2 : Ben Becker

Ben Becker

Ben Becker is another one, whom I find physically and visually very attractive, among many handsome guys from MC2 Model Management.

He is 183 cm in height, has light brown hair and very sexy green eyes. Although we really can’t see his eye color from these pictures, but his handsomeness and charm are really irresistible!…

MC2 : Andrew McCreary

Since 2005 world renowned modeling entrepreneur Jean Luc Brunel launched MC2 Model Management with offices in New York, Miami, and Tel Aviv. MC2 Model offered wide range of models and some of them are already well known e.g. Brandon Mills, James Guardino, Kris Kranz and etc.

Apart from the handsome three above, today I would like to introduce you Andrew McCreary. Andrew photographs caught my attention from the …

Asian Beach Games 2008

asian beach game 2008

Bali 2008 The First Asian Beach Games is held in Bali, Indonesia from October 18, 2008 to October 26, 2008. To those of you who like sport, beach and sea shouldn’t miss this event.

Here’re some pictures of the backstage scene for Bodybuilding Event, and the aerial view of the “the sepak takraw” [below]….

Renaissance style photographs by Benjamin Gardies

Benjamin Gardies

Introducing you Benjamin Gardies, a photographer based in London, UK. Here’re selected photographs in which I find them very beautiful with a touch of Renaissance painting, and yet stylish.

Benjamin Gardies