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En route to somewhere

alex westfalen

alex westfalen

I couldn’t think of a worldlier man than a flight attendant. After all, how many ordinary men do you know who may have just had breakfast in Los Angeles and lunch in New York and is about to eat fish and chips in London ?

To speak about a …

Sex in the kitchen, because love is an all day affair

cody cumming

Feeling adventurous? In the mood for something new? or even engaging in something a little different or even spontaneous?


You can simply try to put on some sensual music, and begin preparing the meal. Let your boyfriend sitting on a chair, and bring your boyfriend something to eat, but …

Masculine male with stylish pose

louis lasalle

louis lasalle

It is nice to see some black & white photo again.

It is even nicer to see some male nude black & white photo.

But the nicest thing is to see some masculine male with stylish pose. They look surely like mannequin and simply beautiful. The way each expression …

Another side of British fashion



Not only “Fish and Chips” is a British symbol, but also design, art and fashion. Likewise many people know that Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, John Galliano, or Alexander Mcqueen are popular British fashion designers.

Today, B Boy , …

I felt like I was a tiny pollen

red dress

Did you ever feel like you were just a little thing on this planet ?

I felt like…. I was a tiny pollen of a beautiful RED flower. I was flying through a dreaming lala land…..

Reddress in numbers: 550 meters of fabric, 238 people in audience, 20 meters in diameter, 3 meters in height, 1 singer.”…

North Pole ice may completely melt away this summer

luis rafael

When I looked at Luis Rafael photography , I said to myself, wow… experience cannot be taught.

He is photographer, hairstylist and MUA. I astonished at his multi-talented, his photo and these coupled with his selected male models.

They could make North Pole ice completely melt away this summer….they are so hooooot!!

Delight in the male body


What is the sexiest part of male body?

One might say, something about strong arms to be held with…
One might say, strong legs; especially the back of the upper legs that leads to his bottom…
One might say, square and defined pecs and 6 pack abs.

What if every part is perfect?….check out Empyrean, where delight in the human body has no shame and disgraceful….