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Love is all around

sexy guy international

You know this song “Love is all around” and indeed so are cute men!!. Everywhere we can find them but it is just when and where. No matter he is asian, black, white, or indian.

sexy guy international

sexy guy international

New face : Dan


It seems there are so many cute and handsome guys reside in Florida. Yes indeed and yes indeed, just like Dan. Dan lives and studies in Florida. We find his smile, and eyes really beautiful. Plus, on the top of that, he has such a nice face and body. Dan is 6′ 0″ height, 195 lbs weight and has green eyes….

Display Magazine

Display Magazin

Introducing you Display Magazin, an online gay magazine from Switzerland, where you can get useful information about gay life style in switzerland including news, and of course numbers of sexy galleries.

Well, we actually wanted to post them all but eventually we thought, you, dear reader, should see the galleries by yourself!!![grins] Anyway, here’re only some pictures in which we find them quite seductively …

Showing and expressing your animal instincts

360 magazine animal instinct

Before we will pass to the next and the new Year 2009. Let’s check this 3SIXTY Magazine, Editorial : Animal Instinct, December 2008 issue, which insinuatory implies to your basic instinct!. Indeed, we also believe that everyone has this hidden force and secret desires. Well, it is just when it is disclosed!

Anyway, Happy New Year to all of you, …

Hot carpenter

sexy man

Look at this Mr. SexyWho? It seems this hot carpenter worked so hard and finally he had to take off his clothes showing his seductively body with chiseled abs! [drool]

Nikos Apostolopoulos , a sexy greek fashion house

nikos apostolopoulos

Check out Nikos Apostolopoulos , a sexy greek fashion house and the latest collection for this winter season which is about sexiness that make you feel sophisticated, warm and completely alive despite the frigid air and the bleak gray skies!

You can still look hot when it’s cold …

Would you like to see a different on the next Winter?

sexy winter

Why…ohhhh…why, why don’t we find this kind of promotional campaign for winter collection as often as we would like to see!?!?!. We thought, these pictures are beautifully photographed , very stylish and in fact, even much better than full ensemble -winter campaigns in which we can usually find in each winter collection. Well, dear readers, how do these pictures make you feel?

By the way, a …