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Talented woman : Monique Zoellner

Monique Zoellner

Introducing you a talented woman Monique Zoellner. a Graphic Designer from Germany. She takes her passion for photography as her hobby and from this point I find her hobby is leading her to a future career in the limelight.

Her photography portfolio is beautifully made. Her photographs show soft lighting and yet I find they are fantastic. Her models are really …

Kult Model : Manuel Traxler

Manuel Traxler

Manuel Traxler
Manuel Traxler

Many of you might have seen him before, but from where do you remember him? Anyway I can tell you too. Manuel Traxler is a model for Hollister Co, American lifestyle brand from …

Kult Model : David Ochoa

david ochoa

Finally, it’s Friday!! I just can’t believe it. Time is really flying and I don’t even realize it. However…at least this weekend, I will have a little time to get some fun and relax [hopefully no phone call from any of my boss!!!]

Anyway, back to issue of eye candy, shall we ? Today I would like to …

Strike a pose : Brian Newman

Brian Newman

It seems, today is sexy male models’ day, because I have already shown you four and now the last one for today. I would like to introduce you Brian Newman represented by Major Model Management. Needless to say that he has very nice body and is very handsome Would you agree?

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Look Model : Matan

metan  Look Agency

Matan is another model from Look whom I selected. The above photograph simply caught my attention from the first moment when I looked at his profile.

In fact, not only the first photograph which I like, but also these three photographs below as well. They are beautifully shot and especially Matan’s eyes are extremely sexy!!…

Look Model : Asaf

Asaf Look Agency

Introducing 2 models from Look, Tel-Aviv based modeling agency. I selected Asaf because of the above photograph. The photograph presents mysterious feeling and yet charming at the same time.

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Get ready with full Energie!


Are you prepared for this Fall and the coming Winter? Otherwise let’s get some exercise, keep yourself fit and get ready with full Energie!

Fall/Winter ’08 underwear collection is out now for you. This collection featured a really sporty model as you can see here and yet there is no need to mention how sexy he …