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Alice in Wonderland


I wish I were Alice in my Wonderland’s adventure, but where was Mister White Rabbit ?….

Technicolor Bloom is constructed from 1400 flat plywood panels to form a double-curved tunnel. Designed by Brennan Buck with Rob Henderson and students from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria

What happens to Gerard Butler?

gerald butler

gerald butler

gerald butler

I still remember this gray/green eyed and sexy Gerard Butler in 300 with a pumped up body caught the fancy of gay men like never before.

And now… I don’t want to believe it !! These are recent …

Made in Australia

Drew Dunscombe is a new face from Queensland , Australia and “naturally gorgeous”. He definitely has what it takes to make a new ripple in this industry.

Keep going, Drew!!
But….tonight…. I will dream to you.
Quels beaux yeux!

Gentlemen MP3 player

mp3 player

A simple tie clip comes with sound…. TADA!….

An original idea with unique design from jin woo han.
It caught my attention from the first gaze and I fell in love at the first sight.

mp3 player

Rainbow goes commercial

absolut vodka

Since Marc Jacobs launched his Rebel Pride t-shirt. Have people seen Gay symbol in another way?

Rebel Pride designed by Jon Lynn and has a long history, yet quite unfriendly. It is sort of rebellion and pride, whereas the real meaning of Pride Flag is to celebrate and to unite.

Could The Confederate Flag be so fashion?

And speaking of gay, now Absolut goes rainbow and …

Have you been to Miami?

roberto martinez

Dios mío! …..Qué guapo eres!…

Roberto Martinez, 173 cm tall, 74kg, works as a bartender in Miami and is becoming a personal trainer.

Unfortunately I haven’t been to Miami, but nevertheless I could imagine how sexy he would be, when he was shaking my cocktail….. A gay man like me could be fussed over…. if I am sitting in front of him…..

Miami isn’t only …

Pierce Brosnan becomes the most popular gay icon.

pierce brosnan

“Pierce Brosnan has seen off competition from fellow actors Bruce Willis and Richard Gere to land the title of most popular gay icon over 50 years old.

The former James Bond actor took 33 per cent of the vote, compared with Willis and Gere, who took 25 and 14 per cent respectively, while Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford and Lethal Weapon star Mel Gibson scooped …