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Joseph Sayers and my favorite Joe Oppedisano

You might have seen these photos before but definitely not here. Of course, I would love to have him here and for those who have seen him before, let’s recall once again!, shall we ?

Joseph Sayers is a male fashion model best known for his nude centerfold for Abercrombie and Fitch Quarterly, shot by Bruce Weber. But my favorites are taken from Joe Oppedisano and yes you know his name….

I am falling in love

harry louis

What is that? WOW, what a REALLY big sword you have there my dear! Better to slice me with? Or better to F°°K me with? Or better yet, both!?

OMG….He is such a pretty young man with crystal eyes. I like this him already. Besides he has got beautiful baby face, awesome lips and a totally sexy …

Welcome to The Arctic Inferno



Many of you might wonder what The Arctic Inferno actually means. Here is the meaning, in which I quoted from the website.

“Arctic Inferno [Ahrk ▪ tik In ▪ fur ▪ noh] -noun, -adj.

1. An extraordinary sensation with feelings of both hot and cold.
2. A state of being when …

Robby zumaya by Dennis Convey

Robby zumaya

Dennis Covey featured Robby Zumaya, 21 years old from San Diego, California in a beautiful set of photos.

With over 30 years of Dennis Convey’s experiences couple with a very boyish charm, lovely presence and great physique of Robby Zumaya, so neither there is no doubt nor question that this set is unbelievably sexy, and outstanding!…

Byron Motley, artistic multi-talent photographer

Byron Motley

“Photography has become a very passionate pastime for me. Evolving into a photographer has become a wonderful creative outlet that allows me to explore the visual world with my own perspective. I hope you enjoy the journey through the eyes of my soul.” Byron Motley

Byron Motley



It is well known that online computer users often engage in what is affectionately known as “cybersex”. Often the fantasies typed into keyboards and shared through Internet lines get pretty raunchy and can be scary at time.

But with this guy, I must rewrite my previous statement to “Often the fantasies typed into keyboards and shared through Internet phone lines get pretty sexy and is definitely …

Mexico goes sexy with Deliodietz



It is a phrase you hear often “design is in the details”.Not only Deliodietz design pays attention to small details, but also Deliodietz aesthetics convey subtlety and sophistication as well…. Plus PLUS selected model who melts my heart from the first gaze…. Anyhooo to speak about design (top photos), I kinda …