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Pierce Brosnan becomes the most popular gay icon.

pierce brosnan

“Pierce Brosnan has seen off competition from fellow actors Bruce Willis and Richard Gere to land the title of most popular gay icon over 50 years old.

The former James Bond actor took 33 per cent of the vote, compared with Willis and Gere, who took 25 and 14 per cent respectively, while Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford and Lethal Weapon star Mel Gibson scooped …

Feeling glamorous in Gold

dolce gabbana gold restaurant

If you travel to Milan, whether by chance or on purpose, I would suggest you visiting Dolce Gabbana, the first concept restaurant created by Dolce Gabbana.

An entirely gold interior brings you a certain feeling of elegance, beauty, sensual pleasure, and glamorous like you were sitiing next to Miranda Priestly in Devil Wears Prada….

This heavenly blend of shimmering golden luminance design …

Can’t take my eyes off you

joshua m

A classically trained dancer named Joshua M, who developed his physical aptitude through competitive judo and gymnastics while expanding his artistic side through drawing and dance….

Oh lord……
You’re just too good to be true.
Can’t take my eyes off you……….

joshua m

Fabulous photographer named Carlos Arias

carlos arias

“Welcome to the real wooorld….”
Neo: “Why are you here?”
Oracle: “Same reason. I love (candy) men.”

…….. . . . . . .   .    .
After looking at CarlosAriasPhoto, I felt, I was in the Matrix. All are excellent ensemble pieces. Each photo is rich imaginative, terrific composed, and fabulous with such great details!!….oh boy….

and now……….. . . . . . .   …

Visionary of beauty from Ethan James

ethan james

Visionary of beauty from Ethan James, a Ph.D. student at Middle Tennessee State University.

Through his lens, he portrays everything in his themes, from ordinary to extraordinary with a lot of imagination and creation. These photo are wonderful things he has done. That was the art we are looking for.

Let’s go greek with Sakis Rouvas

Sakis Rouvas

I am faaaaaainting……One of my weakness is seeing a guy like Sakis Rouvas.
Another weakness is seeing a shirtless guy like Sakis Rouvas.
And the worse case is, seeing a naked guy like Sakis Rouvas.

If I know how to speak Greek, I would love to tell him
“I love you!”

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