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Who will be the next model of aussieBum?


aussieBum is one of the finest and fastest growing Australian men’s swimwear manufacturer. Amazingly, Ashby, the founder, founded with a 20,000 AU$, or € 12,300, but now aussieBum is on its way to AU$20 million in annual sales. Thanks to internet, aussieBum runs entirely via virtualstore, and capably ships over 1,000 unique orders a day. At that same …

David Beckham couples with Emporio Armani = Money



Since Emporio Armani’s underwear ads revealed! David Beckham’s Emporio Armani ads have resulted in a spike like 150% sales increase in London shops after the first day’s sales.

For this post, I would start with three questions ;

Is the unknown guy on the left side sexier than David Beckham ?,

or David Beckham is sexier than him ?,

or both are very sexy ?

Hard to decide …

Bringing out your hidden desire with Joe Snyder

I have written 3 posts about underwear and swimwear, but I haven’t mentioned anything, which concerns emotions yet. 

As we well know that clothing affect ourselves, our appearances and so colors we wear affect our inner emotions!!

Joe Snyder

Joe Snyder
Joe Snyder

John Galliano goes publishing

john galliano

john galliano

After seeing the latest and brand new collection of John Galliano, a famous fashion designer of this decade. I would love to share a bit of my point of view. Although I am one of his fan!

Somehow, I am curious about what and how is he thinking ? Yet …

Mario Klintworth on einfach gut aussehen

mario klintworth

On the way home tonight , I had a chance to drop by at a bar near my apartment to collect some nice postcards from advertisement stand. At that moment, I gazed out to the top of cigarette machine….and found…a pack of magazines with Mario Klintworth on the front page of a fitness studio journal.
It could cause me to faint at …

Ami Sanzuri men’s swimwear

Ami Sanzuri

Ami Sanzuri

As I am a resident in a European nation, where we try to enjoy our “so so” Summer. People from the southern hemisphere may try to warm up and look forward to celebrating summer, which happens later each year. Many people enjoy summer by going to swim or beach…yes when …

Schultzjeans, a brand new range of designer mens jeans



Schultzjeans is a brand new range of designer mens jeans, made in Europe. What Schultzjeans is different than any other is, the revolutionary new, so called, Schultz strap. There’s a whole new way of wearing jeans. If you like your jeans low-slung or even open at the fly, the Schultz strap keeps your …