Brandon Waarbroek raises my testosterone level

Brandon Waarbroek
Brandon Waarbroek
Do you know Burning Up from Kylie Minogue ? Especially when she sings this part, because it is soooo me for now. I am definitely burning up.!

Hey summer madness
Totally cool
My heart starts racing
When i see you

I’m burning up baby
I’m burning up
Can you feel it burning me

My pulse is pumping
My heart may burst
If you drink me up i’m
Gonna quench your thirst

Brandon Waarbroek
Keywords of today are; burning up, blowing my mind, and beautiful. Sexy hot hunk Brandon Waarbroek raises my testosterone level in this cool summer. May be you are inspired too?!
[Photo : Alek and Steph]
Brandon Waarbroek
Brandon Waarbroek
Brandon Waarbroek
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