Nuno shot by Dylan Rosser + Interview with Display Magazine : HQ images

nuno shot by dylan rosser
nuno shot by dylan rosser
nuno shot by dylan rosser
Once again, a big thanks to Dylan Rosser from The Male Form for sharing us these lovely images of Nuno. He is 29 years old and a interior design student from London. Dylan Rosser also shares us an interview that Nuno gave to Display Magazine. Here we go…
What kind of modeling did you do so far?
Mostly commercial stuff but more and more get involved with the artistic side of it. Really like fashion photography too.
What is fun for you posing in front of the camera?
It’s great that it makes you look good and feel good about the way you look but mostly I’m interested in helping to tell a story.
Any goals/projects concerning modeling?
To get involved in creative stuff that enrich my experience in photography. it is a field where you can have fun and create outstanding work at the same time.
What does it mean to you to have a muscled body?
Well, it’s great for the beach isnt it?.. but your body is your instrument to experience the world and i like to have a powerful one.
What is your goal concerning your body? Keep it like that or growing to a certain point?
I would like to keep pushing the limit, that is what bodybuilding is about. it’s the challenge.
What does the tattoo at the sixpack mean?
It says: El Niño. Means “the child” or “the boy” and it related to a tattoo of my ex in the same spot. It is also the name of a hurricane in South America and that kinda describes my personality.
How would you describe your personal style (body, tattoos, hair, etc)?
Urban creative i guess.. it’s a medium of expression, like a canvas where you show the world what you want to at a certain time. I dont think i have one style, i have got many, it’s not fixed, i travel within it.
What do you like most on yourself (bodypart)?
My eyes. Thanks dad! No really.. they’re what make me different from everyone else, they show a bit of what’s inside.
For further info please visit : Dylan Rosser and Display Magazine
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nuno shot by dylan rosser
nuno shot by dylan rosser
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